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After 20 years of experience, we have become specialists in a few products. Please see the list of products given as below.

If you have the capability to sell these products in your country, you can become our agent. Please write to info@masterlabelspk.com

You should have knowledge of the ready made garment industry in your country. You should know something about labels & elastics. The hosiery products use our labels & elastics & if you have contact with the hosiery brand owners, you will easily be successful in selling our products

List of Specialist Products

Fabric Printed Labels
Woven edge cotton substrate
Woven edge satin substrate
Reverse Printing
Colour Fastness
Canvas substrate (Timberland type)
Any Fold
Ability to make new substrates in-house for discerning brands like GAP
Ultrasonic cutting
Printing on dark substrate (Only one colour)
Quantity no constraint

Woven edge woven Labels
Coloured Warp
8-10mm widths
Any Fold
Quantity no constraint

Non-Elastic tapes

Wides colour choice
Small runs accepted
Fast Sampling
Colour matching

Printed Woven Elastics
Substitute for jacquard name elastics
Better fidelity of the fonts & brand name
Ideal for underwear waist bands
Up to 3 colours can be printed

Woven edge substrates for printing

100% cotton
Woven edges